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Welcome to our Virtual, Global Potluck Slideshow


i can think of no better way to celebrate your memory than by hosting a potluck slideshow.  a virtual, global potluck slideshow.  so, if you’ve received an invitation, grab a cold one or two or ten & a snack (potluck only, sorry!), pull up your bootstraps & make yourself comfortable.  enjoy clicking thru the slideshows.  

i don’t know if you had the privilege, but dad often gave gifts to others on his birthday.  (it was a birthday party, after all).  it was good stuff like pre-scratched lottery tickets and fancy imported jewelry from taiwan.

so, i consider this his birthday gift to you.  he was the man behind the camera, but all these photographs are your history, your past, your legacy.  the archives.  it was time to bring them out of the closet & share them.  i hope this makes you smile.  i could only find so many of you, so you are welcome to share this website with interested or interesting parties!!  

99% of these images are from slides (and 75% of statistics are made up on the spot).  any of the slides that are presented here in black & white are such because time has given them a lovely tint of fuschia (yes,  fuschia).  when converted to b&w, they become quite viewable again.  

so, there are 3 tabs at the top of the page- old timey photos (from prints), archive favorites, and the great southwest (both sets of slides).  if you click on the first image on a page, you will see right & left arrows that allow you to view as a ‘slideshow’.  i wish we could watch them all together on a screen, they are so much better in person!!!  

if this didn’t satisfy your nostalgia, here are links to  ‘flickr’ pages with 1000’s more (really!!).  river trips, other adventures & ramblings, great scenery and more east fork memories.  no password needed.  this website couldn’t handle them all.

RIVER TRIP ARCHIVES:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/122232662@N04/sets/72157643551996285/

EFU ARCHIVES:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/122232662@N04/sets/72157643550544463/

MISC. ADVENTURES: https://www.flickr.com/photos/122232662@N04/sets/72157643559087653/

so happy birthday to you, our friends!!!  we wish you all the best,

the greens

((to avoid ruining any political careers, there are no names, and very little identifying information to be found anywhere on here, but if you want anything too personal or sensitive removed, just let us know.  we certainly don’t want to offend)).

5 thoughts on “Welcome to our Virtual, Global Potluck Slideshow

  1. Happy Birthday Errol! Thanks to everyone for putting this party together. The photos brought back so many great memories. But I still like some of the photos Errol took of folks misbehaving the best – like puking by the camp fire or off the front porch.
    All the best.

  2. Be still my heart!!! This is awesome—-will take me a couple of more hours to look through all the photos!!! Well Done!

  3. i can’t believe there would be any misbehavior from this crew. must be some kind of mistake, mr. gilliam!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Sure had of couple of truly memorable times there myself. I probably have photos
    somewhere in the big box in the attic. Need to do that someday. Linda Lou

  5. These literally make my heart hurt.

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